About me

Ever since I was young I have been creating jewellery, dream catchers and beaded animals. To begin with I used templates, but later developed my own techniques and methods.

Tanja RaabAt the age of 12 I was given my first sewing machine, which stirred my passion for fabric. As a child I cut up my jeans to make doll’s clothes. This made me rethink my initial decision to become a goldsmith and I subsequently chose a career in fashion.

After finishing my studies I completed a three year course in tailoring by successfully passing the final exam.

I have always been fascinated by extravagant ideas, designs and projects. Therefore I was delighted to subsequently receive a position with “Art for Art” in Vienna and in August 2009 I relocated to Vienna. It was here in the women’s costume department that I learnt a lot about stage costume design and various materials, but above all about how to work quickly and precisely.

At this time, however, I was still clear about my real goal: self-employment.

I consequently attended a course on making women’s clothing in my free time in the evenings and weekends and successfully completed the exams.

After five years at “Art for Art” I finally took on my next challenge and completed business training at the “WIFI” and passed the subsequent exam with distinction.

My first customer is the Tanzquartier Wien, who I make merchandising products for. Another one of my customers is the company “Spielvogel”. Here I produce vestments and altar cloths, as well as renovating old baldachins. Once again something rather different from the typical tailor.