BILD4087Custom-made clothing

Producing perfectly fitting clothes doesn’t only require my talent for the craft, but also my vision for the form, details and the style of the customer.

For me, the perfect fit is the most important thing in tailoring, as even the most beautiful material cannot compensate for an ill fitting piece of clothing!

Additionally it is important not to forget the details. Often it is the small things which make an article of clothing extraordinary. Unique stitching, a different colour lining or extravagant buttons enhance every design.

Finally I have to judge the customer’s style correctly and emphasise this with clothing, as most people have specific views on their own style of clothing which need to be taken into account.


An outfit is often only complete with a bag, hat or jewellery.

Wearing hats is not only a fashion trend, but rather an integral part of our society. Whether extravagant, simple, for a specific outfit or various occasions, I produce all types of headdresses.

There are many types of accessories available, such as bags and belts, as well as jewellery. Therefore it is very rare that you find exactly what you are looking for. As I create individual items, I can work with all kinds of requests and every piece made is unique.

Such a piece of jewellery will also create a better look in combination with a custom made outfit!

BILD4143In addition I do not have a specific direction within fashion. My repertoire ranges from classically made women’s jackets, to elegant evening and wedding dresses, as well as everyday jeans, stage costumes for theatres and ballets and costumes for steampunk and cosplay.


I don’t only use common materials, such as wool, silk, lace and tulle, but I also like to experiment with leather, poster material, metal, upholstery fabric, polystyrene and more…


When creating accessories I often use materials in an unusual way. For example soft silk is turned into hard sheets of material, advertisements are converted into bags and bracelets are produced from old zips or clock faces.

Whether clothing or accessories I work very precisely, am very adept and always fill my work with passion. Whether you want custom made clothes, headdresses or accessories, as a private customer you are at the right place.

However, I also work for companies who want contract work or small collections made.

No matter what your requests, just send me an enquiry or give me a call. Together we will develop an impression of your individual piece and I will provide you with an estimate.